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What's Hexaden?

Hexaden is a complete solution for companies and producers that allows to easily control their applications and advergames. Our services has this different versions.

Games Rental

Games Rental

Rent an advergame for a short period and manage it easily.


Games As A Service

Ultimate solution for your custom games



Ultimate solution for advertising and interactive screens in sales point.



Fully customized solution for companies.

A Complete Content Manager

What Hexaden can do? Check the features

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Machines Administrator

Check your machines with Hexaden and manage them individualy.

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Graphic Content Manager

If you have other graphic and multimedia content besides of ads, you can specify to our team that you need to support certain type of files for a specific purposes, you can add and alter them into the Hexaden platform

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Database Manager

If you have Forms or Surveys in your app, you can use our Forms/Survey Manager to get the information from the apps that uses Hexaden. Also allows you to modify the forms structure adding or deleting data types in your forms.

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Advertising Content Manager

If your app has Ads, you can add and manage them in our platform using one of the four advertising content display format.

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Interested? We have a partnership programs for customers who will require Hexaden for a long time.